JOŠ JEDAN NARAMAK MREŽNIH DESTINACIJA Instagram putopisci i hedonisti

Iako je Instagram danas snažan alat, odnosno medij za povezivanje s kreatorima, za dijeljenje, uživanje u sadržajima koje kreiraju, objavljuju i uređuju drugi korisnici bez upletanja treće strane, takozvanog političkog ili uredničkog korektiva, vrlo je često i sam žrtva svima nam već dosadnih marketinških stručnjaka, lovaca na slavu, političkih figura i svega onoga što ne želimo vidjeti.

Na kraju krajeva svugdje je tako, te je vrlo teško u cijeloj šumi informacija vidjeti drvo.

Chris Burkard

Everyone should see the world from this perspective at least once in their life. . @prana @rannveigaamodt

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Johan Lolos

How was your Christmas guys? Ours was pretty relaxing and full of summer vibes – @delphine_polson @acerentalcars

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Brooke Saward

Paradise in a photo ☺️??? the only thing missing is you! #lovetahiti @tahititourisme #embracedbymana

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The Blonde Abroad

Lauren Bath

Everyone is asking me whether I visited the Field of Light while I was staying at Longitude and I absolutely did, it's right around the corner. Haha. I've mentioned before that Longitude is an all inclusive property and one of their signature activities is their Uluru sunset followed by a visit to the Field of Light at dusk and an outdoor dinner at Table 131. Once you're back at your room the fire is lit and the outdoor bed is set up with a luxury swag. Did I take advantage and sleep outdoors? Heck no! Lol. I am an air conditioning addict and I don't have it at home. I slept under a thick blanket with the air con on full ball. The Field of Lights has recently announced another year out at Uluru so you've got until March 2018 to visit this stunning installation by Bruce Munro. @longitude131 #longitude131

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Liz Carlson

Trey Ratcliff

Gary Arndt

Here is how you can get a photo of the Taj Mahal with no people in it. There are two ways you can do it, both of which are very straight forward and can be applied most locations around the world. 
The first option is to show up early. I got this photo of the Taj Mahal by showing up 90 minutes before the gates opened. I was first in line, first through the gate, walked quickly to the entrance of the main area and had a glorious two minutes where I could photograph the building without any people. The other option, which I’ve seen photographers use successfully in places like St Mark’s Square in Venice, and I’ve done it myself in Petra, Jordan, is to take a very long exposure. Like a really long exposure. 5-15 minutes depending on the number of people. You need to put your camera on a tripod obviously and put several neutral density filters on so you can get exposures of this length. The long exposures will burn in that which doesn’t move, and pretty much ignore anything else which is moving. The end result is that you can get an image which has a look of having no people in it.

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Kristin Addis

Tiffany Nguyen

chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool ?? @travelbelize #visitbelize #ad

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